Embrace your healing powers“The best-kept secret of medicine: the body heals itself if we create the right condition..And stop doing things that caused the sickness in the first place.”

Believe it or not, the body is designed to heal itself. If you really think about it, our body is on our side. Always trying to help fight away disease and sickness. For instance, when we try to burn away bacteria and viruses with fevers, or how we experience inflammation and swelling due to immune cells rushing to that area of your body. We are living in this imperfect world where our immune system and overall health become mutated by our exterior circumstances. Exposure to chemicals, processed foods, deprivation of nutrients and minerals, and stress.

Did you know that 80% of disease is caused by stress? This is a scientific fact. Often times, the majority of us get so distracted by everything going on around us that we forget to check in with ourselves. We experience all these early symptoms and fail to notice them because we are too busy stressing and subconsciously digging a deeper hole.  Neurobiologist, Dr. Candance Pert has proven that neuropeptides are in fact thoughts converted into matter. Neuropeptides are chemicals that are triggered by emotion – which happen to be present throughout your entire body. And as PhD, Caroline Myss has previously stated, “Sometimes the body responds emotionally and manufactures emotional chemicals, even before the brain has registered a problem. Remember for instance, how quickly your body reacts to a loud noise before you’ve even had time to think..” Your bodies’ self-repair mechanisms only function when your nervous system is completely relaxed.

You have to first believe that you can heal yourself before you actually heal yourself. Just as the Law of Attraction works, you have to set up your vibrational atmosphere in order to receive healing.. In some experiments, patients are given sugar pills and begin healing simply due to the fact that they believe they are healing. In medical terms this is referred to as ‘placebo effect’. When you convince your brain that you are currently experiencing your desired outcome by elevating your emotional vibration with thoughts of gratitude or joy, your brain will fire new neurons that can ultimately lead to epigenetic changes in your DNA.

Once you start believing, you must start listening.  Listen to your body and your intuition. Constantly check in with your body both physically & emotionally. Your body is a vehicle that your intuition uses to communicate to you; ask your self what it is your body is trying to tell you. Ask and you shall receive. Listen carefully and you will hear. So often, we lose connection with our bodies that we miss the first few signs of disease or sickness; i.e: fatigueness, soreness, mood swings, headaches etc.

Another crucial point in embracing your healing powers is realizing that healing does not always apply to physical circumstances. A huge flaw in western medicine is the lack of emphasis on finding the root cause of your illness and instead we focus primarily on subsiding physical symptoms. You must figure out what aspects of your life are triggering your stress response and what aspects of your life cause you to feel relaxed, calm and stress-free. Finding the root cause, and i mean the real root cause, is essential in your healing process.

So now what?

You’ve found what has triggered your body to react in such ways, and its time to take action and control of your life and health! Evaluate what it is that is sucking the life and power  out of you. Understand that this derails your power to heal. Perhaps your new self-prescription includes diet changes, a more organized schedule, time dedicated for yourself.. or maybe it includes removing toxic relationships or jobs from your life. Maybe it includes following your heart over your anxious mind. Create a consistent schedule and plan to set your body up for nothing but success. So, now the only question is:


Are you ready to heal yourself?