Twin Hearts Meditation ~ Every Monday at 2:30pm in Unit#21

Donation Based – No registration required

Join us as we bless Mother Earth with loving-kindness, peace, joy, and goodwill. Enjoy the blessings that come to you as a result! No prior experience is required! This is a guided meditation. We will engage in light exercises to prepare your physical energy body before and after the meditation. Wear comfortable clothing to permit stretching/bending. Healing sessions available afterward. This is an opportunity to learn and practice the Meditation on Twin Hearts in a group setting. The Meditation on Twin Hearts opens up your physical heart and spiritual heart to bring down large amounts of divine energy. We will bless the Earth, our Loved Ones, our work and our home during this peaceful meditation. The effectiveness of the blessings are magnified many times more in a group setting, so bring a friend or family member along to experience tremendous peace and joy from participating in this simple meditation. Doing the Meditation of Twin Hearts regularly can:
  • Reduce Daily Stress
  • Improve Mental Clarity
  • Enhance Relationships with Others
  • Strengthen Your Connection to Source
  • Heighten Intuition and Knowing


Pranic Healing Level 1 Certification

14 CE’s for Licensed Massage Therapists


COST: $400

In basic Pranic Healing you will learn and practice subtle energetic techniques.

      • Sense (feel), see, and understand subtle energies.
      • Scan with your hands to assess energetic causes of pain and disease.
      • Learn the 11 major Chakras and the corresponding organs.
      • Discover aura cleansing or lasting health and healing.
      • Practice with simple steps to remove old, stagnant energies.
      • Revitalize the chakras and organs.
      • Cut draining cords, to quickly let go of stress.
      • Learn energy first-aid for cuts, bruises, burns and sprains.
      • Energetic hygiene to remain disease-free and feel good.
      • Practice Meditation on Twin Hearts.
      • Learn Self-Pranic healing and distant Pranic Healing to heal remotely.
      • Practice Pranic breathing to recharge yourself.
    • A foundational course towards certification program.
FOR MORE INFO and to talk to the instructor please contact Dan Schmutz. Email: or Cell: 813-765-0874