1.) What was your favorite part of this YTT experience? Absolutely everything! I deepened my physical practice, learned about all kinds of new spiritual things, and was able to dig deeper into myself than I thought possible. I also met an incredible group of people who continue to teach me things everyday.

2.) What was the most valuable lesson learned? We are all human trying to find our light in the world. Do not judge others. Be supportive.

3.) What are you looking forward to learning more about? Ayurvedic medicine! The connection between our bodies, the universe, and what we nourish ourselves with is fascinating to me. I want to explore more about the doshas and our bodies.

4.) Did this YTT shift your perspective in a positive way and in what way? This YTT shifted my perspective in the MOST positive ways! I am much more emotionally open, I can more easily let things pass by without negatively impacting my mindset, and my eyes were opened to the perspectives of 13 other individuals.

5.) Do you plan on teaching classes now and where would you ideally like to teach, what level, & what demographic? Right now I am subbing at Inspirit when I get the chance and thinking about how I want to give the gift of yoga on a more regular basis!

6.) What is your advice for anyone wanting to do this training? Do it! Be open to the experience and give it your all! You won’t regret it.