1.) What was your favorite part of this YTT experience? My favorite part about the YTT program was connecting with like minded individuals and growing life long relationships.

2.) What was the most valuable lesson learned? Yoga is a lifelong learning journey and a lifestyle, not just an exercise practice.

3.) What are you looking forward to learning more about? I am looking forward to deepening my ayurvedic knowledge and other yoga disciplines such as Yoga Nidra.

4.) Did this YTT shift your perspective in a positive way and in what way? Yes, this YTT program did shift my perspective in a positive way. While I walked in as a person that already see’s life through positive eyes, I learned how to become more of an observer in situations that could be frustrating. This has provided a new and healthier way of viewing life and challenges this journey can present.

5.) Do you plan on teaching classes now and where would you ideally like to teach, what level, & what demographic? Yes, I plan on teaching now and hope to teach at Inspirit. I have also been speaking with other studio owners. Ideally, I would like to teach Yin and learn more about Yoga Nidra, serving all levels and demographics.

6.) What is your advice for anyone wanting to do this training? My advice to anyone wanting to do this training is to just DO IT and trust the process. A while new world will open up to you.