We are a beginner friendly studio so that means most of our classes are taught to be accessible to everyone! We teach you all the options and modifications necessary to meet you where your at!

We all come together to practice the healing art of yoga to create well-being within ourselves. This well-being can only be achieved if we are honoring our bodies and practicing with self-love. We encourage everyone to resist the urge to push beyond their limits and rather find their edge, the edge is the place in between comfort and discomfort. This is where the healing transformation occurs.

There is never any judgement or criticism present when you create a heart-centered practice. This type of practice allows you to move past your physical body and touch other layers of the self.

Which class is right for you at this moment? 

We offer 3 levels of Flow Yoga also known as Vinyasa.

Ashtanga Yoga, which is a traditional set sequence.

Yin Yoga a slow practice to lengthen and let go!


Gentle Flow (Level 1): This class is suitable for beginners and anyone who wants to slow down. Getting into yoga can be intimidating so this class is here to get you comfortable with the basics and also aid anyone who wants to strengthen, tone, and increase flexibility. This is a very supportive class helping you to move at your own pace but still be strong. A special emphasis is placed on the power of breathing, moving into and out of postures safely with correct alignment, and learning to quiet the chatter of the mind to find peace and inner stillness. A wonderful class to get started with if your new to yoga or just want to keep it gentle.

Flow (Level 1/2): As a Level 1/2, this is a mindful, therapeutic class for people of all levels of practice to simply just be present and flow. Many modifications and options will be given for beginners and more advanced yogis. This class has a very accessible moderate flow that builds strength; increases flexibility, range of motion, and teaches proper breathing. Including meditation and relaxation techniques at the end of class, perfect for stress relief and finding the natural alignment within yourself.

Warm Detox Flow (Level 2/3): This practice is suitable for those wanting a little bit of a challenge in an accessible way. The temperature is set in the high 70 degrees allowing the muscles to warm up and help detoxify the body. This is a great alternative to warm the muscles in a gentle way without dripping sweat. A mindful, therapeutic class with a strong yet slow flow pattern that allows ample time to get into each pose and enjoy the benefits. This class will build strength, increase flexibility, and bring you into a grounded & centered state of mind.

Ashtanga (Level 2/3): This class is suitable for anyone who wants a vigorous practice and to find their edge. Ashtanga Yoga is a 5,000 year old set sequence of postures designed to bring strength, awareness, flexibility and endurance to the body and a sense of wellbeing and stillness to the mind. Our Ashtanga classes will cover the fundamentals of this yoga and take students through primary series postures, while providing lots of modifications and instruction. 

Yin (Level 1): Yin yoga is a quiet practice suitable for beginners & students of all levels of experience. Students are offered an opportunity to surrender, slow down and come back to balance. Many of the poses are seated, supine or prone and are held with muscles relaxed for 3-10 minutes per side in order to lengthen the connective tissue that surrounds the joints and increase its elasticity. The elasticity of our connective tissue diminishes with physical activity and aging, which makes Yin essential for injury prevention and joint health. There is a focus on the breath, being present in the moment, relieving tension and letting go. The Yin practice includes powerful mental and emotional benefits as its practitioner becomes quiet, still and mindful of the present.