Being a yoga teacher has been a dream of mine for several years. I was nervous to take the leap and begin a Yoga Teacher Training, but the Universe led me to Inspirit and after speaking with Raven at the Open House all of my worries were quiet. 
I can flow through my asana practice more freely and with more compassion.  Breath work has been the biggest change- my practice is moved by my breath; not the other way around. And of course, the meditation aspect is so much deeper because of all of it.
The training definitely deepened my understanding, appreciation and respect for the simplicity and sacredness of Yoga in all aspects. By living it daily, I feel my ever growing appreciation & respect for Yoga’s rich history, purposes, meanings and benefits in me, with my practice and in the communities I serve. It’s like an ever flowing life-giving water fountain.
I decided I wanted to attend the 200  Hr Yoga teacher training when I started my own practice and found that I had a passion for it and wanted to help others. My favorite part of the training program was meeting all the different professionals that Raven arranged to come in on certain days to give talks. My favorite thing to learn was the different types of breathing techniques. ~ Gaby Wehman
Class of summer 2017
Raven was an incredible, inspiring teacher. The last 4 months in her class have been life changing and I definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a school. ~Alex Rodgers
Class of Spring 2018 graduate
Before my training, yoga was more of a workout for me, now it is a work-in. I am able to turn in to my inner awareness and higher self and flow through a moving meditation. My personal practice has become more of a spiritual experience that I perform daily. It helps to keep me grounded and prepare for my day and whatever the universe has planned. ~ Erin Ciacciarelli
Class of 2015 graduate

This program changed my practice by allowing me to integrate yoga throughout my entire day whether it be breath work, mantras, or a few sun salutations in the morning. It’s become so much more to me than just a physical practice. ~Kelsey Angelo
Do it! Keep an open mind and an open heart in the process. You’ll be very glad you did. I can be sure that you will receive more than you expect to. It’s a memorable experience and it’s life changing! If that’s something you want for yourself. Do it! Namaste. ~Jaime Norman
Class of Spring 2017 graduate
My biggest piece of advice for anyone interested in joining this program is to Push through the doubt, because at the end it’ll all be worth it. The feeling of completing my YTT still seems surreal.  ~Gina Martinez
Class of Summer 2018 graduate
Alex Alicea
This training couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. As this chapter in my life closes, I look back in complete disbelief of the transformation that’s occured in all of us.. spiritually and mentally. This training was the most humbling reminder that I am a master of nothing and student of everything. always learning and unlearning; constantly evolving and changing into something bigger. I hope to heal. I hope to assist in bringing light into the darkness. I hope to provide tools to those in need and help them realize their unlimited potential. I want nothing more than to be a part of this shift of consciousness occurring in this time right now. Because that’s all this world needs. I am blessed to have been surrounded by all the beautiful and radiant light beings in this training that emanate nothing but love and bliss. Without them, none of this would have been the same. Thank you, raven for all your hard work & dedication. Your passion for this practice is truly inspiring. WOOHOO. Im officially a certified yoga teacher!!!!!!!!!  – Alex Alicea
shionta ytt
Inspirit Yoga Teacher Training was phenomenal! I feel blessed to have been a part of Raven’s first graduating class. She is an amazing instructor because she has and is real about her experiences from the practice and the business side of things. I have already recommended her program to my friends, and I see Inspirit growing over the years. ~Shionta Pumphrey
Raven is a wonderful teacher. Her gentle spirit and wealth of knowledge guided us through the process of becoming teachers with such effectiveness that nearly all, if not all, of the students were actively teaching yoga in some capacity before the course ended. In addition to the core training, Raven offered a diversity of yoga-related topics which enriched the experience and gave depth to the knowledge base we carried away. I am grateful for having enjoyed Raven as a yoga teacher instructor!  – Kathryn Geib
pat goodwin
My experience with the Inspirit Yoga Studio teacher-training program was wonderful. Ravenflower Dugandzic and her studio team met all of my expectations and created a perfect environment for the study and practice of yoga. I look forward to this new path; knowing the certification process has prepared me to become a professional Yoga teacher. ~Pat Goodwin
rachel and addison
Inspirit Yoga Studio is a beautiful and welcoming environment for all students of yoga. Ravenflower served as an amazing teacher and leader throughout our 8 month training program. She is an experienced yoga practitioner with a passion for business and teaching. I feel very lucky that I was able to be a part of the first class of graduates from the program, each one of us transformed from eager students into very knowledgable instructors. With a well-rounded curriculum and plenty of teaching practice and experiences I feel ready to teach classes to both beginner and advanced yogis. – Rachel Israel
Inspirit is the best! Raven guides all of the YTT200 students to be well-rounded and ready to teach upon course completion. She leads without ego and is able to meet all students wherever they are at in their yoga practice with grace and compassion. The course focuses on all limbs of yoga, encouraging a steady asana practice and incorporating instruction from guest teachers on yoga anatomy, Kundalini, pre-natal and chair yoga practices among others informative sessions. It is an all-encompassing training and I would highly recommend taking this course to deepen your personal practice, understand the roots of yoga and find your flow in teaching others. Sidenote: I made some lifelong friends in the process. Thank you Raven! Much love to you and the Inspirit family! – Kirsten Hawkins

Inspirit Yoga Studio’s Teacher Training focuses on producing mindful yoga instructors with the ability to teach a complete class from start to finish. Ravenflower truly supported each one of us on our yoga journey. Upon completion of this training, I had gained the skills and ability to teach confidently right away. This training provides a perfect balance of asana, philosophy, anatomy and spirituality. The size of the training group was just right in order to have a small enough group to form close bonds and get individualized attention, and also large enough to have differing backgrounds and ideas essential for learning and growing as individuals and instructors. I would highly recommend this teacher training to any one who is looking for a well rounded experience that supports your yoga journey from the inside out. -Allison Napolitano

Yoga Alliance registered students reviews:

I loved this course! Raven is great, and all of my fellow trainees learned and grew so much throughout the course. Thank you. YTT 2018 graduate ~Kristi Sharp

The YTT Program at Inspirit far exceeded my expectations in terms of teacher’s depth of knowledge, yoga history, practical and useful anatomy application to yoga, realistic ways to embrace yoga as a way of life, on and off the mat, AND I was absolutely prepared to teach a class by the end of the course. I would highly recommend this school to anybody who wants to become a yoga instructor. YTT 2018 graduate ~Serina Jung

Raven is an amazing human being. I am extremely thankful that I got the opportunity to do my teacher training through her. She taught my so much valuable information. From correct alignment to even guiding me towards the path of becoming a confident yoga teacher. Thanks to her, I am a lot more confident not only in my practice but every day life as well. I love Inspirit Yoga Studio and I highly recommend to anyone looking to become a teacher. YTT 2017 graduate ~Deyshla Caraballo

nspirit yoga studio is one of the best studios I have been to in all of Orlando. I love the atmosphere and the yoga community there. I always look forward to taking classes. Raven the instructor is full of love and wisdom, everything comes from the heart. She built up my confidence to become a yoga instructor. I graduated with 8 girls and all of them having teaching jobs now, I got my first gig a week after I graduated. I still have a strong relationship with everyone I did the training with and left with so much knowledge. I would recommend this yoga studio to anyone. YTT 2017 graduate ~Natalia Rodriguez