1.) What was your favorite part of this YTT experience? I deepened my spirituality, and found a family of like-minded souls to encourage my expansion. This program was miracle growth for my healing journey. I feel more self-aware, more confident, and more willing to live an aligned life.

2.) What was the most valuable lesson learned? The most valuable lesson I learned is that yoga truly is for every single body and, perhaps even more importantly, I learned that the physical asanas are only a sliver of what yoga truly is. Also, I learned that my value as a teacher stems from my vulnerability on and off the mat. That’s how I will connect most with my students and myself.

3.) What are you looking forward to learning more about? I’d like to dive into chair yoga, and I cannot wait to sign up for the kundalini teacher training.

4.) Did this YTT shift your perspective in a positive way and in what way? Yes, this training taught me that my imperfections are what make me beautiful.

5.) Do you plan on teaching classes now and where would you ideally like to teach, what level, & what demographic? Yes! I’d love to teach at InSpirit ((this studio will always have such a special place in my heart)). Later this month, I’ll be teaching a vinyasa flow Thursday evenings at the Urban Ashram, and will be facilitating journaling/yoga/sharing workshops on Saturday mornings (this is my dream) at the Urban Ashram. I’m also subbing at Crunch Fitness for now. My dream demographic would be anyone willing to look inward and be vulnerable — age, gender, etc doesn’t matter to me.

6.) What is your advice for anyone wanting to do this training? Do it. Come in with an open heart. Be brave, be vulnerable. Just show up as the human you are. You will be loved, challenged, and opened more than you can imagine. You’ll leave with a new mission, a deeper understanding of your light and your shadow, and a willingness to bloom.