30 day challenge banner


There is no perfect time to do a challenge, so why not explore your potential in this daily practice and experience a total transformation of body, mind, & spirit within 30 days! 

Participants must pre-register prior to or by the day for $89. Students with pre-existing monthly passes do not need to pay anything additional.
You also need to sign up on the 2nd Annual GLOBAL 30 day Challenge FB page!

-You can miss 1 day per week but you will then need to practice twice in one day to make up for the missed day (only 1 Day missing per week is allowed)
-If you are unable to attend a class at Noorish Yoga you can attend a class at another studio and provide a receipt from that studio in your name for the other class attended that day.
-You can attend any of our drop-in classes at any time

-Every participant that completes a full 30 days of yoga practice will receive a free 1 Month Unlimited Yoga Pass for the following month.
-For those participants who complete all 30 days at Inspirit without missing a day will receive 2 months of Unlimited Yoga.
-If no one completes the challenge, a 1 month unlimited yoga pass will go to the participant that has taken the most classes in 30 days.