Sunday, January 5th at 5:00pm! Welcome the New Year with a Sun Salutation practice to invigorate body and mind.
With the New Year usually comes New Year’s resolutions that are all too quickly forgotten. Start this year with 108 Sun Salutations as a symbol of the strength and perseverance we have within us to accomplish our goals and dreams.

Here is what’s in store:
• brief discussion on meanings behind the tradition of 108 Sun Salutes
• opening Pranayama to deepen and connect to the breath
• focus the mind, invite stillness, and discover the beauty of meditation in motion
• longer held Yin poses and seated meditation following 108 Sun Salutes

Suitable for all levels. Basic knowledge of Sun Salutation A recommended.

Donation-Based 2 Hour Class!
Minimum Suggested Donation $10
All donations will be going to NEW HOPE FOR KIDS