Its Wellness Wednesday! Today let’s talk about actions & mind set. We often want to make changes but feel stuck, unable to keep the promises we made the day before to practice yoga, cook, drink more water, etc. Many times we have a negative idea of what discipline means, but like a magnifying glass discipline magnifies your intention to eat better, be healthier or practice more often.Tapas is the name in yoga for this fire, and to use it, we could reframe our efforts. Next time you are about to do something that doesn’t serve you ask :Will this behavior make me stronger or weaker? And when you want to avoid doing something you know is good for you ask yourself : How can I transform this into a joyful activity? How can I infuse joy & love into my tapas? The answer should direct you to your intention. Then the fire ignites!

This week let’s do a dish makeover. When we feel stuck or get the blues, a new fresh look can make us feel great…well, the same with foods. Let’s take that same old pasta and “superfood it”( Yes, I just made up that phrase!) Swap the hard to digest gluten and high glycemic in pasta with zucchini. Done! Cooking can be so simple! As a coach I Maria Marcano likes to make simple tasty foods available to all. How about trying this new take on spaghetti this week? This delicious recipe can be made 100% raw too