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Yoga is an ancient practice from India that, when practiced properly, spiritually affects all aspects of one’s life, including their diet, mental attitude, lifestyle choices and philosophical study.

While yoga has often been associated with Indians meditating and having a problem-free life, the western culture has adapted certain aspects of this spiritual lifestyle for fitness. Celebrities have played a major role in the sudden interest with their routine yoga classes to keep their bodies healthy, but what some may not know is that there are numerous types of yoga available to them.

Power yoga is the term used in the western hemisphere for the fitness-style yoga that was modeled from the Ashtanga style.

Power yoga links the body movement with breath to create a dynamic flow of poses. This is a vigorous, detoxifying, strength-based class, working the body to the core, building flexibility, and endurance. Weaving together wisdom teachings and music can inspire physical, energetic, mental, intuitive, and blissful states of consciousness.

Technique and the type of class can vary from teacher to teacher but this style is typically more appealing to those who are fit and more interested in exercising and sweating, rather than meditation.

power flow yoga, power yoga, orlando power yoga, benefits of power yoga

Here are four benefits of practicing power flow yoga:

• It improves flexibility, strength and stamina

Yoga is known for improving muscles by toning and strengthening them and improves the body’s overall endurance levels. Yoga had been shown to enhance and maintain flexibility and the rhythmic stretching has been shown to improve overall bodily health. It also has been shown to decrease the amount and severity of injuries and improves the overall range of motion for the body.

• It has healing capabilities for the body

Yoga has been linked with the management of chronic diseases such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, arthritis and even cancer. It can lower heart rate and blood pressure levels and reduce fatigue on a daily basis. While it doesn’t treat these symptoms, it does help with the toleration. Yoga is also known to remove harmful toxins from the body through sweating, improves the immune system and blood circulation.

• It’s great for weight loss

The vigorous, flowing style of this yoga has a cardiovascular benefit where you burn calories and tone and stretch muscles. Although yoga doesn’t have the same impact on the body as other physical activities, it has been proven to be essential in preventing weight gain. It boosts metabolic activity and can make those who practice more conscious of what and when they eat.

• It helps you relax

Yoga decreases stress and increases concentration and has been connected to improvement on mood and the overall well-being and outlook on life. The controlled breathing signifies the vial energy within and helps to quiet the mind and put it to rest.

If you want to feel the benefits of Power Flow Yoga for yourself, come to one of our classes at Inspirit Yoga and Fitness so you can feel all the benefits Yoga has to offer you!