Three ways to salute the sun:

STYLE: Kundalini
INTENTION: Practice a full-body prayer
A primary goal of Kundalini Yoga 
is a spiritual awakening. Kundalini Sun Salutation is tied to reverence, prayer, and pranams, Sanskrit for “bowing in reverence.” As such, the form likely looks more like the Sun Salutation the rishis of old might have practiced than what we see 
in most studios today.

STYLE: Ashtanga
INTENTION: Turn up the heat
Ashtanga, a physically demanding practice that involves synchronizing the breath with near-constant movement in a prescribed series of postures, is already rich with Sun Salutations in the form of two sequences: Sun Salutation A and Sun Salutation B, which weaves in Chair Pose and Warrior I.

STYLE: Viniyoga
INTENTION: Restore your body
One of the most common injuries samong yogis is damage to the rotator cuff, which supports the shoulder girdle,
a complex assembly of four shoulder joints. Pay attention to any sense of strain or fatigue, both signs to stop pushing and try alternate poses. If you can barely do five Sun Salutations, start there. The classic teaching of yoga is not about the achievement of 1o8 Sun Salutations and putting on a show; it’s about being honest, real, and authentic.
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