Looking for a fun way to get some exercise in? If you haven’t tried Zumba, you’re missing out!

Zumba combines Latin and International music with a fun and effective workout system, and you take classes in the brand new INSPIRIT studio at your convenience.

Zumba is a great option for folks of all ages and fitness levels. CNN recently posted a story about a woman who used Zumba to drop a whopping 123 pounds!


Here’s an excerpt:

“The simplest things in life have become easier. I don’t feel like I can’t breathe when I bend over to tie my shoes. I’m not out of breath when I walk up and down the halls at work, and even sleeping is easier since I don’t have all that excess weight pressing down on me.”


Want more inspiration? Click here to read the full report, “Zumba helps woman drop 123 pounds.”