$500 PRIZE!

Inspirit Yoga and Fitness is designing a billboard and we want to have a little fun.  Submit an original photo of you, or somebody you know doing either YOGA or ZUMBA .  The winner will receive $500,  one free month membership to our studio, and YOUR PHOTO WILL GO ON OUR UPCOMING BILLBOARD!

How To Play:

1. Like our Facebook page to register

2. Post your photo to our facebook page at:

3. Get as many “Likes” as possible before October 1st, 2013

4. The top 5 most “Liked” photos advance to the final round, and those contestants receive a free, one month, unlimited membership

5. Inspirit staff will select the winner from the top 5 Most “Liked” posts

6.The winner will be invited to our studio to take a professional picture for our upcoming billboard.

Contest Rules

**Contestants MUST “Like” our Facebook page to register!!**

Photos must be appropriate for all ages.

No profanity. No nudity (let’s keep it classy, folks).

Photos MUST NOT contain any visible logos, or other obvious brands.

Images must be high resolution .jpg format.

Post your photo on our Facebook page, tell your friends, and let the games begin!

Happy Posting!

P.S.  Preference will go to photos that are truly inspiring, humbling, welcoming, friendly, and pure.  Our studio is about personal connection, growth and empowerment, so lets spread those happy vibes.


Questions?  Call us at 407-203-6866