Guava, varieties of super fruit

          Guava, little known super fruit, let’s face it you don’t hear people talk much about it . So, what’s the big deal then, and what is a super fruit anyways?

          So let’s start with defining a super fruit. It is a fruit packed with antioxidants, that are so important in showing down the ageing process we all go through. On top of antioxidants it is also packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals, which all serve various important functions in our bodies. It also can contain a number of other nutrients all which support our bodies optimal health and function. So I guess a super fruit can be considered our Bodies BFF.

Since this is about guava, let’s get back to the topic of why you should go get some. We will start with some of its more abundant antioxidants:

     Hyperoside – major flavonoid found in all of the varieties of Guava, and what exactly does it do? It has a protective antioxidant effect on specific cells. It also plays a major role in aiding our body in its regenerative processes. Another little known fact about this awesome flavonoid is its antagonist property at the k-opioid receptor in our brain. Ok, ok, let me put that in more understandable words, it helps reduce alcohol craving and the anxiety associated with it. Now that’s pretty awesome. Still not impressed, well buckle up, because our journey to get to know Guava has just began.

     Cyanidin – is a anthocyanin compound with antioxidant property that functions as a nutraceutical. It has many other health benefits such as antimicrobial effect and assisting us when it comes to prevention of chronic diseases. It has also shown potential in having the ability to greatly lower ones blood pressure.
Besides these, there are many other phenolic compounds in smaller quantities yet just as important because they all play a role in this fruits awesomeness.

     Moving on to the next benefit that goes by the name fiber. Yes you heard me fiber, and guess who has a bunch? You got it, Guava. The skin and especially the seeds along with the pulp provide plenty fiber. How much to be exact, well one medium sized guava will provide 12 % DRI of fiber. What’s the big deal about fiber. Well since you asked. Dietary fiber is number one when it comes to helping our body limit the contact between our colon and all the yucky toxins and cancerous chemicals. How? You are going to have to look that up on your own. I’ll give you two hints, they are “frequent” & “kaka”. Glad I could help. Since we are on the topic of bowel movement, the fruits seeds whether chewed or swallowed will offer a natural form of a laxative. What more can mere mortal ask for?

     How about the fruits fat content? Yes, yes, it is small but it offers the form of fatty acid composition which is primarily composed of linoleic acid. If you are not familiar with it, well I can promise you that some of your best beauty products are quite familiar with it. It has some pretty amazing effects on our skin, as an very effective anti-inflammatory, in reducing acne, and who doesn’t think that’s sweet. That’s what I thought. On top of that it adds to our skins retention of moisture and is used for skin lightening when applied topically, to produce a gorgeous natural glow.

     Wow guavas sure are awesome but they wouldn’t be super without some vitamins and minerals baby. So some of the honorable mentions are highly praised and well known across the four corners of the world, the one, the only, Vitamin C. Now who has not heard of it, it wages the good fight, helping cells against those free radicals. It also greatly helps in warding off those pesky infections and diseases. Now for the actual numbers, the amazing guava comes at a whopping 600% DRI of vitamin C. Now those are not small numbers. Add into the mix some vitamin A they contain, not top mention the whole vitamin B complex and you have yourself a vitamin powerhouse.
As for the minerals, well we are just going to mention the few that present in amounts that would deserve being listed.
Those are Magnesium, it regulates bodies nerve transmission, muscle contraction, blood coagulation, energy production, nutrient metabolism as well as bone and cell formation. It is also responsible for the task of making sure that 300 different enzymes get their activation on.
Then there is Manganese, a mineral that is necessary for our brains and the nerves normal functioning. In order for our body to metabolize the fat and carbohydrates properly, as well as to absorb more calcium in our body you need Manganese,
Last but not least is Copper. Yes you read it right, Copper is an essential mineral involved in regulation of our blood and our circulatory system. Other organs that benefit from Copper are, heart, liver, kidneys and our brain. Its beneficial in helping our iron absorption and in forming collagen.
We decided to mention few of the other components of this super fruit. Those are vitamins E and K, niacin, folate and pantothenic acid.

Now I know that was a lot, but in order for one to fully appreciate anything, one needs to become fully familiar with it. One last thing I would like to add to all of this awesome information is the fact that it tastes delicious so it just makes it that easy to side with the one and only Guava.

*** If this has inspired a desire to go grab some, here are some helpful hints when picking the perfect guava. You want them firm when grabbed, yet when slightly pressed a sign of an indent, similar to picking an avocado. Now when it comes to its color, all you need to know that green equals tart and the deeper the tone of yellow, the sweeter the fruit. Every store should have some and some Publix grocery stores carry packs of baby guavas. Hmmm, delicious***