Here is soe advice we wanted to share based a popular questions we sometimes get asked by new yogis… How to select a good pair of yoga pants.

Remember to select your yoga pants based on how you plan to wear them. Keep in mind yoga pants are actually meant to do yoga in, therefore your number one concern is comfort.

Most yoga pants have elastic waistbands and are made of cotton or synthetic fabrics, so they stretch easily. Choose your fabric wisely. At the same time, the fabric should be relatively light and absorbent. Hardcore yoga will make you sweat, and if your yoga pants are practically snow pants you’re not going to have a very enjoyable workout. To test the fabric before you make your purchase, pinch it between your thumb and index finger. If it feels smooth, you’re on the right track. If the material is rough or more sweat pant-like than yoga pant-like, keep looking for something that’ll suit you better.This means you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a pair that fits you.

REMEMBER – Just like any other sport TEST IT FIRST!

Do a few stretches or jumping jacks before you buy your yoga pants; if you have any pain or even irritation, it might be better to try a different pair. Make sure your yoga pants aren’t going to tear easily. Usually the more expensive they are, the more durable they’ll be during your workouts. Still, you don’t want to get a pair of $200 yoga pants that you’ll only be using a couple of times, so think about your yoga schedule and as your budget too.

Choose a pair of yoga pants that you feel less self conscious wearing. Besides actual physical comfort, take note of which yoga pants will make you feel the least self-conscious. You can’t be worrying about how you look as you’re huffing and puffing your way through a yoga workout.

If you’re not a big fan of your glutes, try going up a size–slightly loose yoga pants will still fit, but they won’t cling to you quite as much as the right size would.

Alternately, if you don’t like your legs, get a pair of extra long yoga pants and avoid any poses that will put your legs up in the air. If your a beginner you may not need don’t worry about this right away.

Black is the most versatile, the most popular, and least conspicuous color of yoga pants you can buy. If you’re genuinely worried about standing out too much in yoga class, go with one of those two and set up your mat near the back of the room.

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