Being a yoga teacher has been a dream of mine for several years. I was nervous to take the leap and begin a Yoga Teacher Training, but the Universe led me to Inspirit and after speaking with Raven at the Open House all of my worries were quited. 

My favorite part of this YTT experience was having a group of amazing people supporting and challenging me every weekend. This community allowed me to grow in ways that I never expected. 

My favorite thing that I learned in YTT was how to find my voice and speak my truth without fear of judgment from myself or others. 

I am looking forward to learning more about the many different types of Yoga. I loved getting to sample Ashtanga, Chair Yoga, Yin, and other styles in YTT and want to continue to explore them. 

This training has changed my perspective on yoga and life in general. Learning about the history and philosophy of yoga opened my eyes to the depth of yoga that goes far beyond a physical workout. 

I am still building strength and flexibility in my body, but I learned that I have other strengths that allow me to be a better yoga teacher. I am an empath with a calming energy which allows me to empathize with others emotions and hold a safe space for students to process their emotions and grow. 

I am lucky to have gotten hired at a couple of studios teaching yoga classes, where I will be able to utilize all of the information that I learned during YTT. I also use what I learned at YTT in my daily life, helping me overcome my anxiety. 

My advice for anyone interested in doing this training is: DO IT! Take the leap, keep an open-mind and allow yourself to flourish. 

Jessica Shepherd ~ Yoga teacher training Fall 2019.