Sound Meditation with Crystal Singing Bowls

Friday, JULY 7th, 2017 from 7:00pm-8:00pm

Cost: $15

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Come and immerse yourself in the healing sound from the crystal singing bowls played by Tara Chiavetta.
This is a time for you to tune out to tune into you.
The pure tones from these sacred instruments allow your mind and body to relax and let go.
The sounds are your guide to a blissful journey.
You will leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, restored, renewed, and rested.

All you have to bring is yourself and we have the rest.
There is no right or wrong way to participate, you do whatever you feel is comfortable to get the most out of the experience.

Cost: $15

Crystal Singing Bowls

About Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations:

With all the energies swarming around us these days its so difficult to keep yourself aligned and grounded. Our bodies are like fine tuned instruments that can sense and feel everything around us.

We must do our best to stay tuned into ourselves and our innermost needs. We must take care of our bodies, our temples. We must learn to truly give love to ourselves so we can love one another.

We all can relate to sound. Sound has been apart of each of our lives since before we were even born. Sound is innate in each of us. If we can take the time each week for a little tune up it will help keep us grounded and centered. Opening up our hearts and relaxing our minds so we can go through these changes with ease and grace.

Check out this video to see what it’s all about!