What was your favorite part of this YTT experience?

My favorite part of the YTT experience would have to be the soulful connections I’ve made. Each connection came with lessons and wisdom that I would never have gained outside of my yogic journey. I can apply everything I learned from this 5-month immersion course to my reality. Honestly, I have learned more from this YTT than actual college.

What was the most valuable lesson learned?

Everything will be okay, no matter how hard you think you have it right now. If you trust and surrender, things will peacefully fall into place for you. Just let it happen.

What are you looking forward to learning more about?

Ayurveda and herbalism.

Did this YTT shift your perspective in a positive way and in what way?  

Positive. I used to think that I was an empowered person–but I am much better now and I can see it. I feel like I was more of a “toxic positive” person before this training but now I am genuine and understand the power of “silence” as well as just letting things be. I know that I cannot personally help people if they do not want to receive it so forcing my positivity onto others is not the way.

Do you plan on teaching classes now and where would you ideally like to teach, what level, & what demographic?

will be teaching at Jiu Jitsu gyms; all levels up to intermediate. My demographic will be towards athletes but I want to be well-rounded in my teachings so eventually to elders and children (once I have more experience).

What is your advice for anyone wanting to do this training?  

To let go of any control and just flow with the program. Let your mind digest the information before getting too deep into the subject so you can fully comprehend the foundation.