I decided I wanted to attend the 200  Hr Yoga teacher training when I started my own practice and found that I had a passion for it and wanted to help others. My favorite part of the training program was meeting all the different professionals that Raven arranged to come in on certain days to give talks. My favorite thing to learn was the different types of breathing techniques.

The most valuable takeaway for me was learning acceptance, learning to love myself and others unconditionally.  I look forward to growing my practice. This training changed my perspective on the way I see life itself everything has a deeper meaning to me now.

I have discovered that I am capable of accomplishing anything I set my mind on doing. I see myself growing my own practice as well as helping others along the way. My advice to anyone considering taking this program would be to just take in as much information as you can but don’t get overwhelmed. Your experience in yoga will grow and flourish as the years go by and you continue to practice. This training helped me be more mindful of my alignment. I think this program would be a wonderful experience for anyone who has a passion for learning and helping others.

Gabby Wehman, 2017 graduate