A Yogi’s Guide to Inversions and Transitions

Curious about adding inversions to your daily practice? Then this workshop is for you! Join Laura in this fun-filled class that not only explores the basics of Headstand, Forearmstand and Handstand but also explores transitions from one pose to another. Laura is extremely passionate about building connections and support among her students, so expect a lot of partner exercises and laughter. This workshop is open to all levels. The only pre-requisite is an open-mind and fearless attitude!

Acro Vinyasa Level 1

ACROVINYASA takes yoga from earth to air. Part vinyasa flow, part acroyoga, part inversion training… This practice combines traditional yoga postures with L-based acrobatic flying. The aerial part revolves around one partner (the base) supporting the other (the flyer) in moving through the air in a series of yoga postures. The necessary component for students learning the practice for the first time is the role of the spotter, who makes sure both base and flyer remain safe and properly aligned.

COST: $50 for one workshop OR $90 for both

REGISTER HERE! https://inspirityogastudio.com/events/


Laura began her yoga journey almost 18 years ago as an addition to her existing workout routine. Over the past 4 years, her interest in yoga has steadily grown,and with over 1 million followers on her instagram, she inspires people from around the world with her daily practice.

She loves to be upside down whether it is on her hands, arms or head… So expect them in class! Her playful nature and fun personality shines through during her classes where laughter is not only expected but it’s a must. The challenge that Laura’s classes offer not only builds confidence and strength, but allows the students to have fun learning as well. Be prepared to work, sweat, play, laugh and have fun on your mat!