1. Fav part of YTT is the knowledge, growth, and sisterhood. I love all the girls in our class and I think it wouldn’t have been the same without them. They feed my mind body and spirit every class . Also how you exposed us to different aspects of yoga 

2. Most valuable lesson … my anger or judgement towards others is just a reflection of myself. To let things be and flow, I can’t control everything. But to let go of control and trust that what is meant for me will be 

3. I look forward to learning more about constellations and mantras and the art of sound healing and meditation.  I think mediation has been the most helpful aspect for me … it’s apart of my everyday routine to quite the mind … when I don’t I feel off centered and out of control like I’m in a spiral. I believe mediation is an important tool we all should learn 

4. This YTT definitely shifted my perspective but at the same time confirmed many things about myself that I felt inside but didn’t acknowledge or know how to acknowledge. I shed tears and my body was sore , some weekends since that my only down time I would struggle to get to class but when I got there reminded y I was their and the support of my tribe made it all worth it. This YTT pushed me to my edge and some it tested my mental physical and spiritual being. But most importantly I believe it help me believe have more faith in the universe and myself as well as help me to stand out of my own way 

5. 2022 I plan to Launch Krystle’s Room – a healing arts studio , that I will definitely incorporate yoga, meditation, and sound healing for youth. My mission is to creative a safe and scared space for likeminded individual and to use the magic of art (music, art, dance/movement, poetry/ writing etc.) to promote healing, wellness, coping and personal change. I have been working on this project for about 4 years now and I’m excited that it’s finally coming to light 

6. My advise to future YTT students , it’s not easy you will definitely cry, be sore, and have millions of questions and that ok because in the end it will all be worth it. The self growth and understanding gained on every level of this program is worth it. I can’t speak for other studios but I would always commend Inspirit for many reason but my main reason would be the environment Raven has created  there. It’s safe comfortable nurturing spiritual comforting and she encourages us to dig deeper . Providing a healthy mental, physical, and social space to grow. For that I’m grateful 

Krystle Bethune