When I stepped into my first yoga class, I instantly fell in love and knew I wanted to teach. Flash forward 5 years, and I was offered a teaching position at a gym I worked out at. I had been teaching Vinyasa yoga for a year and wanting to receive my RYT before finding the right time and opportunity to complete a training. I saw Inspirit was hosting a training and decided to jump on it, with hopes of increasing my knowledge and spirituality of the practice. I loved how spiritual the training was. Since I had been teaching for a year, I had taught myself how to cue the postures and the correct alignment but I really wanted to dig more into the spiritual side of yoga. This training helped me to tap into my inner awareness and bring more peace and love into my life.

Every class we opened with chanting a mantra in Sanskrit. Not only did this allow us to connect and center ourselves, but it helped release our egos and let go. I learned how to let go of expectations and resistance and be more open-minded.I have found that I am able to stay calm in stressful situations. My practice and breath have helped guide me to a much more peaceful existence. I have experienced many major life events since my teacher training and I really do believe my practice is what helped me to get through them. I have been able to tap into an inner strength and use it to my benefit.

I currently teach at many different locations in Tampa and St. Pete. My training has helped me to achieve positions at studios, gyms, music festivals, corporate workplaces, breweries, hotels, and more. I am very grateful to have yoga as my full-time gig, it allows me to spend more time with my family and our new baby. Don’t hold back, if this is something you are truly interested in and yoga is your passion, then take a leap. Even if you are just looking to dig deeper into your own personal practice, go for it. It is seriously life changing and you will discover things about yourself you didn’t know exist.

Before my training, yoga was more of a workout for me, now it is a work-in. I am able to turn to my inner awareness and higher self and flow through a moving meditation. My personal practice has become more of a spiritual experience that I perform daily. It helps to keep me grounded and prepare me for my day and whatever the universe has planned.