What was your favorite part of this YTT experience? 

Learning sun salutations as it helped me to get over my fear of public speaking

What was the most valuable lesson learned? 

I was able to open my throat chakra and speak up for myself in a peaceful loving way!

What are you looking forward to learning more about? 

Learning hot to guide students spiritually

Did this YTT shift your perspective in a positive way and in what way?

  *Yes. This training has taught me to separate myself from others opinions and that I am not responsible for another’s emotions. I have learned to give situations in my life that are difficult love and light NOT anxiety and anger! Inner peace begins with me❤️

Do you plan on teaching classes now and where would you ideally like to teach, what level, & what demographic?  

Yes. I plan on teaching in a gym setting but my ideal place to teach is a spiritual studio. I love beginners but also love teaching intermediate. Women with pelvic floor issues are my demographic!

What is your advice for anyone wanting to do this training?   Come into this training with an open mind and open spirit.