Great Healthy Event Hosted by Inspirit Yoga Studio in Orlando

FREE Healthy presentation by Dr. Samadhi Artemisa, Ph.D., A.P. at the Inspirit Yoga Studio

Experienced plant eaters or curious new comers:

Join the class for a fresh perspective on food and nutrition.

If you are new to a plant-based diet, you may embark on your journey with salads, fruit smoothies and replacements for your favorite staple foods. Be sure to keep going because there is more to being healthy than salad and veggie burgers!

Come learn how to avoid potential nutrient deficiencies with this informative class packed with practical, easily digestible bites of information.

Dr. Samadhi has her Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition and has been eating a primarily plant based diet for over 25 years. Her message of how our food choices effect our individual health and the health of our planet is woven through learning about the nutritional benefits of vegetables, fruits, beans, grains, fats, nuts and seeds.

For information about the presentation call 407-252-1397

For directions call 407-203-6866 or visit

This is a free event and it is open to everyone interested in learning about a plant based diet.

Great Healthy Event Hosted by Inspirit Yoga Studio in Orlando