I’m not flexible… Can I do yoga?
YES! If you can breathe, you can do yoga. Yoga will increase both your strength and flexibility. If you’re not very flexible, that’s an even bigger reason to do yoga!

What do I wear to yoga?
Ladies: We may be doing a lot of bending, stretching, and inversions. This will require some flexible clothing allowing you to express your full range of motion while still keeping you comfortable in a forward fold. If you wear a loose top: consider wearing a tight one underneath to stay in place when we lean over.
Men: We know you are dying to rock your favorite spandex yoga pants. But if you’re not comfortable wearing those just yet, anything you would wear to the gym will do. Again keep in mind we will be folding and stretching so wear comfortable, flexible clothes.
Everyone: Yoga is typically practiced barefoot, so wear shoes to the studio, but please keep them off the mat. And place in our cubby boxes against the wall.

What Class should I take?
There are many different styles of yoga. We recommend trying out different styles and teachers before you settle in to one particular practice. However we know your first impression of a yoga class is very important so allow us to make a couple suggestions.

  1. Beginners – Gentle Flow is the best place to start if you are a beginner. You will have plenty of time to get into each position, and your teacher will give lots of verbal cues to help you into alignment. A great practice for beginners and advanced practitioners alike, gentle flow is relaxing, will give you a yogic workout, but won’t leave you sweating puddles in a pretzel.
  2. Detoxify – Warm Detox and All Level Flow are going to offer you the most detoxifying workout at our studio. Don’t be shy, if you get tired, just take a child’s pose. We leave our egos at the door in yoga and never hold any judgment. Well I should say the goal is to be judgement free more and more every day and Yoga is an awesome way to accomplish this.
  3. Flexibility Pursuit – Yin Yoga will encourage you to hold deep stretches for prolonged time (maybe four minutes or so). This allows you to sink into your poses, activating deeper connective tissues that shorter stretches can’t. 💛 Remember: if you can breathe, you can do yoga. Do not worry if you’re not very flexible. That’s WHY we do it!
  4. Relaxation – Yin Yoga/Sound Healing class Fridays at 7pm is all about releasing tension & stress. This class helps you learn how to breathe properly while maintaining postures leading you into meditative sound healing. You will still be guided through stretches as you would in a regular Yin yoga class, for few minutes at a time. In addition to yoga, the teacher will use sound bowls and other instruments to guide everyone into a deeper meditative state. 💜 If you feel inclined to offer a LOVE 💰 for this particular class please feel free to do so.
  5. Wanting Structure – Ashtanga yoga uses the same sequence of yoga for every practice. As you improve, you are introduced to more difficult postures. This is a very structured practice in which you transition through poses in a precise and mindful manner, focusing inward at all times. Awesome for those that are in need of a structured practice. 💙 “YOGA as a consistent practise is one of the best places for an opportunity to push yourself to the edge. True growth occurs at the edge of comfort and discomfort, and all YOGA should embody that.” Ravenflower/ Owner-Teacher
  6. Prenatal – Those of you who are mothers to be we do not have a class specific to only pregnant women but we do encourage and tell all that inquire to take our Gentle Flow class and inform the instructor about your pregnancy so that they offer some modifications with you in mind. Modifications might focus on hip openers, and will get you more in touch with your body and beautiful baby within. You will avoid any deep folds or twists, and won’t go to deep into any pose so as not to overextend. 💛💙💜💚❤”No matter where we are in life, YOGA and any consistent flowing movement of our body, working in unison along side our breath will always lead to an impactfull improvement in our everyday lives.” Ravenflower /Owner-Teacher

Can I use my electronics during class?
We know everyone loves talking about yoga, and sharing their practice. However, please silence your phone and put away all electronics during class. This is a time to dedicate to your body and mind, reducing all other distractions. If you want a picture of yourself in a favorite yoga pose, wait ‘til after class and kindly ask someone to snap a photo of you.

Is it okay to talk during class?
We want to keep all distractions to a minimum so please don’t talk to your neighbor throughout class. However, if you need assistance, it is always okay to ask your instructor for help.

What should I bring?
Bring a water bottle, or buy one from our studio. It is so important to stay hydrated before, during, and after class. If you think you might sweat, bring a towel to lay down on your mat, or borrow a complementary towel. Lastly, bring a mat! If you haven’t invested in one yet, feel free to rent one for $1 from our studio. **We can always order you a quality mat and have it delivered right to the studio or your home.

When should I arrive?
Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to class time. This way, we can get you signed in and you can settle into your own spot in the room. Please try your best to make it on time so that you may go through the warm up before diving into any deeper stretches. If you are late, try to either tiptoe in very discretely, find a open spot to place your mat and plug into the flow. You can always wait for the next class if considerably late.

” Teacher is a bridge, a direction, a sense of movement and should never be an object of excessive admiration. At any moment as much as possible, be involved in your own breath and your own body. Where there is breath there is movement, where there is movement there is hope where there is hope there is life and life itself in all its glorious ups and downs is YOGA” Ravenflower/ Owner-Teacher