I decided to do the 200 hour teacher training because I wanted to learn how to show others the peace and healing that yoga offers.
My favorite part of the experience was seeing the transformation not only in my own life but in the lives of everyone in my class. It was truly rewarding to watch.
My favorite thing that I learned was how to integrate the other seven limbs of yoga outside of asana into my daily life.
One of my most valued takeaways was that everything I need I can find within myself. 
I’m looking forward to learning more about adjustments and modifications in order to create more accessible classes for those with disabilities. 
This training completely changed my perspective on life. I learned to follow my heart and to always believe in the good things coming.
I’ve discovered my ability to spark interest in those who have previously been opposed to yoga and spiritual growth. By mildly integrating it into every day conversations I’ve been overwhelmed in the best way with the amount of opportunities I’ve had to educate others.
I see myself using my training to help others with chronic illnesses and disabilities find accessible and appropriate practices for their unique circumstances as I truly believe in the powerful healing that yoga can provide for everyone.
My biggest piece of advice for anyone interested in the training program would be to embrace all of the changes that come along with raising your vibration.
This program changed my practice by allowing me to integrate yoga throughout my entire day whether it be breath work, mantras, or a few sun salutations in the morning. It’s become so much more to me than just a physical practice.