It was a leap of faith for me to try out and discover whether or not what I’ve been seeking for myself and in life was there. I was always drawn to the essence and spirit of Yoga practice throughout my life and always wanted to be somehow connected to fellow beings by sharing something that is undeniably good, such as Yoga for all.

EVERYTHING and my journey continues, but the most significant part was that I was able to solidify myself as a whole living being by uniting with myself through the courses of the training. EVERYTHING and my learning continues to expand! EVERYTHING and I continue to add values to the things I learned from the training. Training never stops as long as I am living. The more I serve the people I meet the more learning I receive. It is a beautiful never ending cycle of giving and receiving.

By identifying and applying Yogic philosophies in my own daily life, I am able to lead a very dense, satisfying and fulfilling daily life. I am at peace with myself. I am happy. I am more content than ever and truly grateful and happy to be me.
I no longer get overly anxious over or fearful of the unknown, or external & internal noises.

The specific strengths I found myself is that I am truly and ridiculously a very simple, a joy filled, a super positive and a happy person. Those are my strengths and I am grateful for them very much. I use my training daily in every moment, every situation in life.

Please allow yourself to be truly honest and kind to yourself, be open to the unknown, be ready to learn without resistance, allow yourself to embrace what you find, learn… Open-mindedness, liberating oneself from the constrictions of one’s own mind and what you are accustomed to… Always take a moment to mindfully breathe and to really digest (process and embrace) the things you become aware of and Enjoy every step of your wonderful journey!

The training definitely deepened my understanding, appreciation and respect for the simplicity and sacredness of Yoga in all aspects. By living it daily, I feel my ever growing appreciation & respect for Yoga’s rich history, purposes, meanings and benefits in me, with my practice and in the communities I serve. It’s like an ever flowing life-giving water fountain.