Anyone who does yoga can become in tune with their body, and one of the benefits of becoming a certified yoga teacher, is enhancing that skill even further. Your relationship with your body will become so much better once you incorporat yoga into my life as a teacher.

One reason you should consider becoming a certified yoga teacher is so you can help others. Sure, you can do yoga at home alone, but you’re not helping anyone else receive the benefits if you do this my whole life. In order to inspire others to do yoga, maybe you should just teach them yourself!

We could all stick with beginner yoga styles our whole life, but how fun would that be? Not very much! I don’t know about you, but it would be nice to tell someone you can do a handstand or a full crow, and not sound braggy about it. Becoming a certified yoga teacher would help you do just that. Then, you could even show them!

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