Refine your life with Inspirit’s renowned Yoga Teacher Training that has been refined over the years to meet the needs and interests of hundreds of students. This course is designed to develop a deep integration with the full spectrum of yoga, cultivating your personal relationship with the practice. This will gift you with the ability to teach from authentic experience and true understanding.

Empower yourself with the intimate understanding of alignment, breath and movement by offering a broad array of modalities to enhance well being on all levels: physical, energetic, psycho-emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. You will have the skills to share a powerfully effective practice as you support your students in developing a balanced lifestyle. Increase your community involvement as you strengthen your presence as a professional yoga teacher.

Are you ready to expand everything about who you are?
Are you ready to be the spark in the middle of the ocean?

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This is a Vinyasa Flow Yoga training that will transform your practice, deepen your understanding, develop your confidence, and allow you to find your own unique voice. | (407) 203-6866 | |