Most of the classes taught at Inspirit Yoga are Vinyasa classes. Vinyasa meaning, “Flow” or “to move without resistance,” flowing from pose to pose and linking the movement with the breath. These classes are used to build endurance, stamina, strength, and flexibility, while calming the mind.

Beginners: Start out with taking either the Gentle Flow, or Balance Flow. You will have plenty of time to get into each position, and your teacher will give lots of verbal cues to help you into alignment. A great practice for beginners and advanced practitioners alike, slow flow is relaxing, will give you a yogic workout, but won’t leave you sweating puddles in a pretzel.

Fitness Fanatics: Power Flow and Hot Core Power Flow is going to offer you the most rigorous workout at our studio. Don’t be shy, if you get tired, just take a child’s pose. We leave our egos at the door in yoga and never hold any judgment.

Flexibility Pursuit: Yin Yoga will encourage you to hold deep stretches for elongated time (maybe four minutes or so). This allows you to sink into your poses, activating deeper connective tissues that shorter stretches can’t. Remember: if you can breathe, you can do yoga. Don’t worry if you’re not very flexible. That’s WHY we do it!

Detoxification: Warm Detox Flow, will help loosen muscles faster and involve many twisting postures to help detoxify the body. Kundalini Yoga, involves many different Kriyas, or cleansing techniques. 

Relaxation: Yin Yoga, Gentle Flow is all about calming the mind, cultivating grace and deepening your breath to energize the mind & body.

Wanting Structure: Ashtanga Yoga, Mysore uses the same sequence of yoga for every practice. As you improve, you are introduced to more difficult postures.