Morning Mysore Ashtanga (all levels)
Monday – Thursday  6:30am-8:30am


Ashtanga Led Primary (all levels)

Fridays 7:30am-8:45am

$150 Monthly Unlimited
$150 10 Class Pass ($15 per class)
$75 Beginner 2 Week Program (Monday-Thursday 7:30-8:30am)
$20 Drop-In Class
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Ashtanga Yoga is a 5,000 year old set sequence of postures designed to bring strength, awareness, flexibility and endurance to the body; and a sense of wellbeing and stillness to the mind. Mysore Yoga is a way of creating a self practice. The teacher pays special attention to each student as they are guided through the series. Once the student is proficient in one pose, another pose is added on to what the student has already learned. This gives the practitioner a chance to work on their individual yoga practice at their own pace. These classes do not require any previous yoga experience and all levels are welcome. For beginners, we have a 2 week program in which we will cover the fundamentals of this yoga practice and take students through primary series postures, while providing lots of modifications and instruction.

I first heard a calling for Yoga in 2013 and took my first yoga class, it was Ashtanga Primary Led and I remember wanting to die in the middle of it but telling myself I could do this. When I made it out of that class I immediately felt the essence of Yoga running through my veins creating connections with my inner being that would send me diving deep into the Philosophy of Yoga. Three months later I enrolled myself in a Yoga Teacher Training at Yogamatrix Studio with Edely Wallace. Thus began the start of a journey into the path of Hatha Yoga. Two years later, I returned back to the Ashtanga Yoga practice and did a 200HR training with teacher Maureen Dinkins at Urban Ashtanga. I am now a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher with 200HRS in Hatha Yoga and 200HRS in Ashtanga Yoga. Although I have only been on my Asana Yoga journey for 4 years, I have truly always been practicing Karma and Bhakti Yoga my whole life. If I’m not on my matt, you can find me surfing the waves of the east coast or at the local drum circle. I also love to sing and play music, paint, write, read, make jewelry… Anything were I have the chance to be creative!

~ Jessica Rovira 

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