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Ravenflower Dugandzic
Ravenflower Dugandzic - Studio Owner & Director, 200 E-RYT with Yoga Alliance, LMT, Certified ADL Minister

Ravenflower, yes her name given at birth, was born into a health and fitness oriented family. She knew at a very young age that she wanted to spend her life in a position where she could benefit the well-being of others. After high school she became a licensed massage therapist which opened the doors to many other holistic & alternative healing modalities & remedies, including Reiki, Aromatherapy, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Pranic Healing, Sound Healing with quartz crystals, and her favorite..Yoga! As her knowledge, experience, and passion were growing she was also envisioning a space that she could bring all of these healing modalities together.

Her dreams manifested into reality in June of 2013 when Inspirit Yoga Studio was born! She created a space of love & non-judgement to help guide people down a path of health & happiness. This studio is welcoming to everyone who walks through the doors. Raven feels truly blessed to be forever a student on this yogic path and often of service providing powerful yoga classes filled with positive affirmations that give others the mental and physical confidence they need to transform their lives. She also admires all of the other passionate and strong-willed instructors/practitioners that she gets the opportunity to work with everyday.

Raven believes that Yoga is one of many holistic practices that heals both the teacher and student in relieving pain physically, as well as emotional pain manifested due to negative thought patterns. Her goal is to share this body/mind awareness with as many people as possible and create a thriving holistic community. She is achieving this goal by continuously presenting & hosting educational workshops and proudly sitting on the board of The Holistic Chamber of Commerce for Orlando.

Ravenflower  is also an Ordained Minister/Celebrant with the Alliance of Divine Love, Chapel 1934 – an interfaith, nondenominational spiritual ministry representing all faiths, spiritual beliefs and cultural traditions. Rev. Ravenflower can perform your traditional or same-sex ceremony in a way that not only celebrates the love between the bride and groom, but also their families and friends. She will provide Spiritual Counseling upon request.

Leah VenturelloLeah Fairmont Venturello

While her love for moving her body began as a young girl in gymnastics, Leah’s exploration and love for yoga did not begin until early adulthood, more than 10 years ago. The first class she consistently attended was in a gym. Although the setting was not the most ideal, Leah enjoyed practicing yoga and began taking classes at a yoga studio, where she ultimately fell in love with Ashtanga Yoga.

After becoming pregnant in 2011, Leah established a daily practice that became an empowering tool, which helped her feel amazingly good all day from the inside out – even with a growing belly – and her body, relationships, confidence, and overall peace of mind were strengthening with yoga.

Krista Shirley, an instructor Leah became close with and practiced with consistently, was one of her biggest influences while practicing Ashtanga yoga and influenced her decision to enroll in her ten month, 200+ hour, apprenticeship-practitioner intensive. The start day of the program was Leah’s birthday, March 30th, 2012, which for her was the ultimate sign to pursue yoga as a career and a lifestyle.

Stephanie SmithStephanie Smith

Stephanie is an adventurous spirit with a love for travel, photography, music and of course: Yoga. She first discovered Yoga while preparing for a surf trip to Costa Rica in 2001. Searching for something that would prepare her for the challenging Pacific surf, she soon discovered that Yoga was so much more than just a form of exercise. She fell in love with how the practice connected the mind, breath, and body as one entity.

Her admiration for Yoga and love for travel soon took her to Thailand where she had the unique opportunity to study with Paul Dallaghan at Yoga Thailand. During her 200-hour teacher training she was able to immerse herself in the study of asana, pranayama, Sanskrit, yoga philosophy, and chanting. In her studies at Yoga Thailand Stephanie discovered the concept that Yoga can be done anywhere, anytime, anyplace. She put that idea into practice on her return flight home, practicing Yoga during her 15-hour commute back to the U.S.

Stephanie holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Sports and Exercise Science and enjoys studying the similarities between Anatomy and Physiology with that of the practical elements of Yoga. She also plans to continue her education in Yoga in the future by making a trip to Mysore, India where she hopes to study Ashtanga Yoga at the K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute. While her primary Yoga studies have been in the Ashtanga method, Stephanie also teaches Vinyasa flow. A nurturer at heart Stephanie wants her students to take away elements of Yoga that they can use in their everyday life.


Maureen DInkinsMaureen Dinkins

Maureen discovered yoga in 1999 when a friend took her to a class at the gym. From then on she was hooked. By 2002 she was practicing yoga regularly and received her first teaching certificate in 2004. Since then Maureen has become a devoted practitioner and teacher of Ashtanga (8 limbs) Yoga.

In 2007 she made her first trip to Mysore, India to study at the K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute with the Jois Family. Since then, she has made several trips back to continue her studies and has earned her Authorization from the Institute to teach the Ashtanga Method.

Maureen teaches the Ashtanga sequence of poses as it has been taught to her by her teacher Sharath Jois. The Ashtanga method is a set sequence of poses that the student learns to master over time. Once the student has developed the strength and stability of the poses, they will be taught more challenging asanas (poses) or deeper versions of the asanas. With consistent practice, the student will begin to see changes in the body, such as increased flexibility, better balance, more muscle tone and a quieter mind.

Brynne HeatleyBrynne Heatley

Brynne spent her youth playing competitive soccer year-round, using swim team, and track as cross-training. She had been groomed to play soccer throughout college for scholarships—but by the time she was 18, the politics, competition, and constant stress burned her out of the sport. She realized that life is about love and acceptance, and that it doesn’t have to be a competition.

Hungry for a hobby to replace the void Soccer left in her heart, she found Rock Climbing. Rock climbing challenged people with different bodies and skill sets to climb the same routes. It was refreshing to find a sport that was about accepting each other’s differences, and learning to use those particular traits and skills in a unique way. Over the next few years Brynne began to climb indoors and outdoors reviving her love of nature, health, traveling, and adrenaline, in a creative and positive atmosphere. She began to incorporate Yoga as cross-training, but immediately gained so much more.

Through Yoga, not only did Brynne find an excellent work out and an increase in flexibility, but, more importantly, she found peace. She found that she could readily forgive, and let go of heavy experiences. She began to meditate daily, whether it was just before taking an exam, or after climbing a route. Yoga was no longer just a hobby or sport: it became a way of life.

Eventually, Brynne met Ravenflower Dugandzic who became a powerful spiritual mentor for Brynne, and brought her even further into her Yoga practice at Inspirit. Since their meeting, Brynne has put all of her extra time into building a community at Inspirit. She wants others to discover that Yoga is more than just a workout. It is a lifestyle, a community, and a support system.

Often working on graphics at the front desk, or teaching on her mat upstairs, you can find Brynne at Inspirit almost every evening. Brynne typically teaches Hot Power yoga, where her history of athletics and need for a workout are evident. However, it’s never a competition. There is never any judgment in yoga. There is no being good or bad at yoga. If you can breathe, then you can do it. Yoga is simply about peace, accepting your body, honoring it, and filling yourself with love and light. It is about bringing your mind back to your body, and back to the present moment: the only place where life exists. The workout is just a bonus.

Maria Marcano Maria Marcano

Maria Marcano is a 200 RYT,  Registered Kripalu Yoga Instructor and a Certified Wellness and Food Coach. She has been practicing & loving yoga for well over 5 years, concentrating on the Ashtanga method first and branching out as she grew in self-awareness.  Her approach to life and healing through yoga believes in creating a practice that enables the individual to learn about the incredible physical, mental and spiritual benefits of it. Personally, Yoga changed her life completely, and today she strive for balance, strength, energy and joy for herself and her students. Thanks to her practice she feels full of vitality and vibrancy! And that is gift she love to share

Maria’s intention is to help people get the best of the ancient science of yoga for their bodies & lifestyles. Her style reflects the aim to help people enjoy a completely safe, invigorating and welcoming practice. Her formal training in the Kripalu tradition allows her to be her unique self and tailor classes to the students. This branch of yoga focuses on balance, alignment and modifications making yoga accessible to everyone. She is a believer that yoga is for everyone! We practice to become balanced strong & flexible both in the mat and in the real world.

In addition to yoga, Maria is a Wellness and food coach. She created OM my wellness! A company that partners with individuals and companies in combating the current state of our health in aspects of nutrition, lifestyle and energy. Naturally, she includes yoga on her coaching, but also many practical life coaching methods and lifestyle tools to conquer the “out of balance” symptoms that result from our modern life. Combining her expertise, Maria is inspired to be of service to the whole individual giving honor to the true meaning of Yoga, which is “Union”.